Eulogy for Joan Margaret Maddock (nee Cansfield)
June 4, 1934 – March 12, 2011
Eulogy by Blaise Gillis, Thursday, March 17, 2011 at St. Margaret's

Joan Margaret Maddock was born June 4th, 1934 to Lesley George and Lillian Marjory Cansfield, in the Township of York, in the County of York, in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Joan, the eldest of three children, was followed by her brother Ron, who became a Bank manager by the age of 30 and Bob, who became the Director of Aircraft Maintenance for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Joanni, as she was later known, had even deeper connections to York. Her paternal Grandfather, Charles Cansfield, was born in York England.

This background is important but it does not tell us about the real Joanni, …a true Canadian, who was very proud of her English heritage, …a daughter who possessed her father’s loyalty and determination and her mother’s artistic, crafty and athletic abilities.

Joanni’s giftedness with arts and crafts lead her to start a business with her partner and friend Lynn Ann Ketchell. The two spent many happy moments together at their craft as they created items for stores in Midland, Mississauga and Toronto.

As a quilter Joanni taught Night School classes in Penetanguishene, Brampton and Peel

Joanni’s real passion was her children…

Sandi was her first born and as a result she filled many of the family’s first films and photo albums (according to the other three children).

With the arrival of Jamie the focus changed and Sandy began a nursing career. When Jan arrived Jamie caught onto the ‘Big Brother’ act with ease and thus began his teaching career. Jamie was a great teacher who, by all accounts, taught Jan everything he knew.

In later years Jan was able to follow Jamie through university. She has been teaching her family and her friends in the community ever since.

Next for the family was a special call by God to the father of the clan. Sid left the family business and enrolled in Wycliffe College where he studied for the ministry.

The mention of this is important because – when Sid announced to Joanni that he was going to change the course of his life – Joanni told him that God had revealed this change to her five years earlier. Joanni had spent five years wondering what was taking him so long. She was already well into her training and was simply waiting for him to catch up. Four years later Sid was ordained an Anglican Priest. Joanni, his faithful and loving partner, also committed herself to God as she stood beside him.

By now the team did seem complete… but God had other plans – son Steven was waiting in the wings. Steven arrived during the ‘College Days’ when Joanni was already feeding a husband and three children with next to no salary coming into the household.

Joanni met the challenge, as always, with an open heart and a deep sense of commitment to her family and to her Heavenly Father. This would turn out to be the perfect training ground for Steven Maddock – son – singer – and actor, who currently resides in B.C.

For many years Joanni made every rectory the family lived in a happy, enjoyable and safe place to be – for her own family but also for the Parishioners who were part of her life. She was even willing to leave the Rectory on a Sunday night so that it could be taken over by 10 teachers and 100 Sunday School children.

Where ever Joanni went Fellowship would follow. This included serving in the church kitchen following a Sunday service, establishing or re establishing Sunday School in a Parish, reading scripture, singing in the choir with her four children, or as a valued member of the Cursillo Movement

In the eyes and hearts of her children, Joanni was everything a mom should be. She was a woman with many gifts and talents wrapped up into one.

She was courageous, kind, loving, compassionate, forgiving, a guide and role model, and an adventurer, and she did it all with eyes in the back of her head. All of these virtues and more she passed onto her children.

To Father Sid, Joanni was the ultimate Clergy wife, companion, friend and true love. She was a ‘Daughter of God.’

May she rest in peace!

…by Blaise Gillis

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