Kathryn Anne Wade
For Kathy, with gratitude
by sister Sandra Honl, Oct. 6, 2016

Dear Kathy,

It seems only appropriate, this being thanksgiving week, that I tell you how thankful we all are that you were in our lives and touched each one of us with your love.

First and foremost, thank you for being a wonderful wife to Jerry, a wonderful mother to Tanya and a wonderful grandmother to your grandchildren CJ and Jessica. Jerry wrote me in a recent email that he was so thankful to have you as his love and life partner for 52 years.

Thank you for being “Mom” to all your great pets over the years. You and Jerry’s love for Collies goes back a long way starting with your first dog Lady. Then there was Pepper and then Chance and now; Rever and Barron; and of your course your kitties, Misha and Princess. Each one was very fortunate to have you as their loving guardian. You and Jerry have shared your love of these pets with others by training most of them to be therapy dogs. I know that the sick and elderly that you visited with them must have loved every minute of it and appreciated the time and effort you took to volunteer and do this selflessly.

Thank you for sharing your love of gardening with all of us. Your time and effort over the years to upkeep the extensive and beautiful rose garden that you and Jerry planted and prepared was shared with 100’s if not 1000’s of people over the years with your property, for years, being designated as a demonstration rose garden with the Canadian Rose society. I remember all those July 1st that you and Jerry opened your home to all who wanted to come and visit your exquisite garden and share a cup of tea.

Thank you for being a great co-worker. I know it would be remiss of me not to mention your love of your work at Base Borden and all the team members that you worked with and all of your clients you assisted. I know they must have appreciated your loyal and timeless dedication to your job and work because they would never let you leave. Why am I not surprised?! You stayed with them right up to the very end. I know you loved all those who you worked with and worked for as you told me this many times. They were your family too.

Thank you for your loving personality and your wonderful sense of humor. I loved your laugh and being able to laugh at yourself and finding humor in most situations. You were very much like Mom, somewhat naďve. I can hear Jerry saying “You are just like your Mother” when you did something that stirred up a laugh that we could all share together. I am not sure if everyone here saw your impression of comedian Lilly Tomlin’s routine “The Telephone Operator”. Remember One ringy dingy, Two ringy dingy routine? Well Kathy could bring down the house with laughter if you could convince her to do it. It sometimes took a couple glasses of wine though to convince her.

And finally thank you for being a wonder sister to me and my siblings, Jan, Karen, Tack and Spike. I am so very thankful that we were all able to get together for our sibling reunion last summer. It was a special time for us and your presence was perhaps the most important for all of us. Those memories of that special reunion weekend will last forever.

There is so much more that I am personally thankful to you for. Our sister vacations together, which were a blast. Having you there for me when I moved to Toronto from Nova Scotia back in 1988. You were my big sister, and the beautiful one at that as you liked to remind me, who helped me tremendously with the transition to the big city from small town Hantsport, Nova Scotia where we all grew up and you loved dearly.

Kathy, I could go on and on about how much your life mattered to all of us and how very grateful we all are that you touched us with your love and presence. You will be missed tremendously. But we know that you are at peace in God’s love as your faith was always constant throughout your life.

God Bless you Kathy and thank you for the all the wonderful memories that each one of us carries with us in our hearts that will last forever.

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