Margaret Katherine Gillespie
January 7, 1926 - May 17, 2010
Eulogy by Julius Kairys, May 25, 2010

I met Margaret thirty three years ago (1977). For the first ten years we talked often but she could never call me by name. It was the period that I would be known to her as Julian. This was okay by me — it made her more comfortable for our ongoing chats. But as time went on she began to call me Jule.

I remember the long conversations we had about stuff. I will not forget her laugh because she seemed to laugh at many things that I had to say. It could have been about almost anything. We talked about the Toronto Blue Jays — she was a real fan. It might have been about the house or even the cat — family — current events — where she went to dinner or what the minister said in church. Whatever it was it was apparent that Marg chose her words carefully. She wasn't one to talk bad of other people. She didn't talk much but when she did she had something important to say.

Her character was in her convictions. She may have appeared simple but I never witnessed her waver in her belief in God, her family or herself.

There were many times that we thought we might lose her but her will to live was strong. In the end her body was too weak to go on.

I will miss her and I am sure you will miss her too. As I said to her many times, “Until next time, Marg!”

Eulogy by Julius Kairys
provided during the funeral at St. Margaret’s Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

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