Margaret Katherine Gillespie
January 7, 1926 - May 17, 2010
Memories of Maggie by brother Andrew Mailer, May 25, 2010

Good Afternoon. My name is Andrew Mailer, and on behalf of the Mailer family members, I want to thank all of you who are here to share this time of “Goodbye” for Margaret Gillespie, my Sister. I was honoured in being asked to say a few words today, about some memories I have of my sister, Maggie....known to most as “Margaret”. Brother Bill and I are now the two remaining “originals”. Months and years pass so quickly, but fond memories of each other, never seem to age. Life is truly a Gift...and Life also means saying, “Good-bye.” Our Dad died about the time Maggie was 12 or so, and Life in our house, Was Not Easy!

Margaret was my eldest Sister. Because of our 10 year age difference, I was about 12 or 13 before I realized how kind, talented and creative my big sister, Maggie, was!

It just seemed like I was getting to know who she really was, and then she was gone. I was just happily enjoying her little gestures and kindnesses to me, her younger brother, Andy. But, as life has it, she became busy with her job, she had a social life and she just wasn't around as much.

Maggie could make out a tune, strumming her guitar, and sing along too. She caught the eye of many a dashing young man, as she went through her teens! No wonder! Her smile was beautiful, and her rich brown eyes often laughed, in spite of the difficulties of those times (WWI years).

I know we have all gathered here today, together, to bid goodbye, and show our love and respect for our Sister, our Friend, a Mother a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother!

We all seem to age much faster than we ever intend to! On behalf of Margaret's remaining two siblings, Brother Bill, and me, and on behalf of Margaret's family, we would like to make the rest of our time together this afternoon a celebration of Margaret’s life… in our lives!

I've been reminiscing over the last few days since Maggie's passing, and some great memories have come back to me! Here are just a few of my favourites that I'd like to share with all of you this afternoon.


Looking back on our years in Byron, a tiny village that was annexed by the City of London in 1961…

I remember breaking into the house to change our clothes, then riding the bus to the theatre, but then not being allowed into the theatre because adult accompaniment was required for me. Adult accompaniment and the movie was “Snow White”. Can you believe that!

Marg & I were baseball fans! She gave me book on the history of the Yankees and I kept it for many years!

London Majors...
Brother George was a little guy, two years old, who cried a lot at the games and often people would buy him ice-cream just to shut him up.
Bob Feller.. .(some of you may remember him as a pitcher with the…)

…Me, accidentally breaking screen in the screen door when I threw the ball at Maggie’s face when she was standing just inside the screen. Though I was expecting to get into big do-do for the damage, Maggie never implicated me in front of our parents.

Back then we had an outhouse, a two-seater so there was no waiting! I remember Maggie and I sitting side-by-side planning our day.

Roy Rogers (my love) verses Gene Autry (Maggie’s love)

Yes, I can picture Margaret sitting here and in her own quiet way giggling and saying, “I remember those times! Ha, ha!”

Memories provided by brother Andrew Mailer
provided during the funeral at St. Margaret’s Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

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