Diocese of Toronto St. Margaret home

St. Margaret's "Beacon"

The first issue of St. Margaret's "Beacon" was published on May 13th, Mother's Day. We are hoping to publish an issue of this newsletter once every season. If you have any suggestions, ideas or articles would you please contact Barb Phillips, Rev. Steve or Colleen. If you can't make it in time for the next publication, consider submitting something for the following issue. We are always on the lookout for news, information, poetry, articles and pictures. Please remember that they must be original or have written permission from the author since we do not want to have any copyright problems. Pictures must have the written consent of those photographed or parents and guardians in the case of minors and children.

pdf version of the Beacon Newsletter

Our mission at St.Margaret's is to be a loving,leading community of God's people, dedicated to involvement in the life of the parish and surrounding community, following the example of Christ and welcoming all in friendship.