St Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church

161 Hanmer St, Barrie Ontario


Saint Margaret of Scotland - A Brief History

Our parish logo symbolizes St Margaret, who gathered the orphans, the poor and the sick to herself.
Margaret became Queen of Scotland in the year 1070, when she married King Malcolm of MacBeth fame.
She opened her arms to the people. Orphans were taken into the royal palace, the sick and the suffering tended, prisoners of war released and the poor were fed.
Through devotion and love, Margaret won the hearts of the Clan Chieftains and aided Malcolm in uniting Scotland as a nation. She died in 1093 and was made a Saint in 1251.

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Our Church's History

St Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church was founded in the mid 1980's, beginning as a gathering at the local community hall, then moving to the Letitia Heights plaza. In 1995 the church moved to its present location near West Bayfield School. The permanent facility, a 3 phase ongoing project began with a portable unit. Since that time the first phase of the permanent building was opened in April of 1999. The final stage of construction is expected to take place within the next five years, to include a nursery and sunday school facilities as well as a banquet / meeting hall.
Our church's beautiful
stained glass windows.
Outside views.
The Sanctuary.
Our former church building.
Now a Montessori School.

These articles are from the local paper
during the early days of the church.

The storefrontStorefront sanctuaryFoundations for the
Lifting in the
Breaking ground:
June 14th, 1998
The Bishop enters:
April 19th, 1999
The Dedication service

Winter / Spring 1999